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Explore Chapter 51 of Practicing With Creative Discipline.

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51. Finger Leaps

One of the most important skills in sight reading is the ability to leap accurately around the keyboard without looking at your hands. This skill is valuable because the less you look at your hands, the easier it is to follow the music.

Try this:

1) Start on C with right hand finger 1.

2) Now leap to D with right hand finger 1 without looking.

3) Repeat this process from C to E, C to F, and C to G. Each time, leap from right hand finger 1 and land with finger 1 on the new note.

4) Repeat the left hand using finger 5 on the starting note and land with finger 5 on the new note.

Use this exercise each day before sight reading to both improve your skills and raise your awareness of how important it is to move around the keyboard without looking down at your hands.

Excerpt from “Practicing With Creative Discipline: 100 practice ideas for the Pianist.”

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