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Explore Chapter 86 of Practicing With Creative Discipline.

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86. Performance Flow Chart

A good performance flow chart may look like this: Preparation ➔ Confidence➔ Artistry

There is often much anxiety from students when it is time for a performance. If a student understands this performance flow chart, the focus can be on productive preparation with better performance results. Anxiety is usually the result of being focused on the wrong thing - primarily yourself. If a student focuses on the art and the music rather than on self, anxiety can be greatly eased and performances improved. When a student has prepared well, this preparation should lead to confidence, which in turn should lead to artistry. Far too often, this process or flow chart breaks down due to the focus becoming distracted. Preparation consisting only of hard work in the days leading up to an exam, festival or recital, when paired with inconsistency throughout the rest of the year, does not lead to confidence.

Another breakdown in the flowchart can occur when a performer has prepared well and has confidence but during the performance focuses on self instead of on the musical artistry. Focus on self leads to confidence that is easily shaken when a slip occurs. Focusing on the music rather than yourself is much more likely to result in a performance with meaning and artistry.

Make some notes on what you can do in the future to understand this flowchart and improve your performance results.



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